MAMAMOO Hwasa reveals her ‘WAW (Where Are We) album personal concept photo… from innocent to provocative


MAMAMOO is releasing personal concept photos in order.

Today (21st), Hwasa’s personal concept photo was released through the official SNS ahead of the release of their new mini album ‘WAW’.

In the released photos, Hwasa is posing freely in a camper with a warm and natural atmosphere. In particular, she shows off her overwhelming charm by wearing a provocative outfit that shows off her back along with a strange gaze. In another image, she showed off her various charms with her neat and clean visuals and special concept.

Not only that, but the emotional phrase “I was grateful, let’s not let go, sometimes we fought and many nights I couldn’t sleep” that was released with the photo is eye-catching. 

MAMAMOO has raised the expectations of fans through Hwasa’s personal concept photo, which includes a provocative charm and innocent atmosphere, following Solar’s 180-degree charm that became a hot topic. The rest of the members’ concept photos will be released sequentially to spur their comeback.

MAMAMOO will release their new album “WAW” on June 2. This is the first chapter of their 2021 project, “Where Are We (WAW),” which will start with the release of the album, followed by a summer concert and a documentary.

As the name of the project suggests, the 2021 project “Where Are We (WAW)” will contain the honest feelings and thoughts about the future that MAMAMOO has experienced during their seven years of activities.

The new mini-album, “WAW,” will be released on June 2 at 6:00 p.m. through various music distribution sites.

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