MAMAMOO reveals thoughts on their comeback… and mentions new music video: “We’ll show you the vibes that have been ripe for seven years.”


MAMAMOO revealed thoughts on their comeback.

Today (29th), they unveiled a spoiler film of their new mini album “WAW” through their official YouTube channel.

The released film shows the members gathered to practice the title track “Where Are We Now”.

In the following video, the members introduce the new song themselves. For the title track “Where Are We Now,” they explained, “It contains a story that we’ve been working on for seven years and a life story that we can all relate to.

They said, “When you live, you experience many emotions and choose many paths. This song expresses the story of how far we’ve come and where we are now. It’s a song with a very minimalist sound and the voices of the members are majestic and dynamic,”

They also gave a preview of the music video. The members said, “We’ve been working for seven years, and we’ve tried to express our various emotions such as fun and hardships in a natural way,”

Finally, they expressed their thoughts on their comeback, saying, “We feel more special because we’ve never chosen a ballad as the title song, and we think we can show you the vibes that have been ripe for seven years.”

The new mini-album “WAW,” which will be released on June 2, contains MAMAMOO’s honest feelings and thoughts about what they have experienced while working since their debut. The album contains four tracks including the title track “Where Are We Now”, “Another Day”, “A Memory for Life”, and “Destiny Part.2”.

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