Maria loses 30kg to make her debut as a singer in Korea… and reveals her diet

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Photo=SBS Plus “Kang Ho Dong’s rice power”

Maria, a trot singer, revealed that she lost 30kg to make her debut as a singer in Korea.

Maria, Lucky, Dave, and Angelina Danilova, known as the “Great Korean Foreigner,” appeared as guests on SBS Plus “Kang Ho Dong’s rice power,” which was recently broadcast in Korea.

On this day, Maria surprised everyone by revealing that she had lost 30 kg to become a singer in Korea.

Maria said, “When I was in high school in the U.S., I weighed up to 85 kg. I ate only brown rice, vegetables, and juice.

Later, a photo of Maria at the age of 15 was shown, and the performers complimented her, saying, “You were very pretty even then,” which made her smile.

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