Miss A-born Suzy reveals recent shots during drama shooting … Outstanding beauty even with natural makeup

Photo = Suzy Instagram

Suzy from miss A appealed her beauty.

On the 15th, Suzy posted a photo on his Instagram with the words “Today’s broadcast death guard (watching the broadcast in real time),’Startup'”.

The photo shows her taking a self-shot during a break between shoots. Natural make-up makes the beauty of the streaks shine.

She is enthusiastically playing the role of So Dalmi in the tvN drama “Startup” being broadcast in South Korea. It is a drama that depicts the beginning (START) and growth (UP) of youth who jumped into a “startup” dreaming of success in the sandbox (security mechanism) of “Silicon Valley of Korea”.

The tvN drama “Startup” is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm in South Korea.

Reporter: Jang Wooyoung