Mnet The Birth of a Global Girls Group “GIRLS PLANET 999” to air in August (99 participants confirmed for Korea, China and Japan)

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Broadcast starts in August「Girls Planet 999」

The Birth of a Global Girls Group: “GIRLS PLANET 999” to Air in August

Mnet’s new global idol group birth program “GIRLS PLANET 999 (Girls Planet 999: Girls’ War)” is set to air in August.

The “GIRLS PLANET 999” program has been recruiting applicants in Korea, China, and Japan since January this year, and has announced that 99 finalists (33 from each country) have been confirmed in the past 5 months.

The show’s logo has also been unveiled, and the three overlapping circles in the logo imply that people from three different cultures with the same dream have come together in “Girls Planet”.

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