MONSTA X Minhyuk values process over results

Photo = “Singles”

Gravure photos of MONSTA X’s Minhyuk have been released.

Minhyuk participated in a photo shoot and interview for the lifestyle magazine “Singles.”

In the black-and-white photos, he displays a lethargic expression, showcasing his genius in gravure photography. He caught the eye with his powerful gaze and chic appearance, demonstrating his charisma.

In the black and white photos, he showed a listless expression, highlighting his talent for gravure photography. With a strong gaze and chic appearance, he revealed his charisma and drew attention.

During the album production, Minhyuk said, “I worked with the thought that ‘MONBEBE (MONSTA X fans) would really be happy,’ and wanted to show fans my continued growth. I also filmed dance videos many times and included as much behind-the-scenes footage of the album-making process as possible.” He also had days where he performed three stages in a day. He said, “It was really tough, but I was happy that MONBEBE picked their best appearance during this promotion as the one they liked the most,” expressing his love for fans.

On the 14th, he graduated from “Pops in Seoul,” a program he had been an MC for a long time. He said that what stood out in his memory was “painting a new picture on a big canvas with all the paint during the final episode,” and added, “Just as you can feel the traces of previous work when painting a new picture on a canvas with new colors, I want to keep being the MC of ‘Pops in Seoul’ as a beautiful memory.”

Ahead of turning 30, Minhyuk says he is very happy because he has done everything he had envisioned without trial and error. He is confident that he has never regretted any of his choices, which is why he is happy. His belief in himself is so strong that you can feel it directly from his words: “I value the process of overcoming fear with the people I love more than the results.”

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