MONSTA X played a drinking game until morning

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Photo = Screen capture from MONSTA X’s YouTube channel

MONSTA X played a drinking game until morning.

On the 21st, video published on MONSTA X’s official YouTube channel, the members, led by Joohoney who appeared on “Pam Pam Social Club,” took on the challenge of the “Dadaddada Hin Hin” game.

The members passionately played the game while changing their actions, and Minhyuk said, “The good thing about this is that it feels like we’re in Jeju. We can hear the sound of horses from both sides,” and made everyone laugh. Then, the other members also said in unison, “This is fun.”

The members spent a crazy night and woke up late the next morning. Joohoney, still feeling the after-effects of yesterday, asked Hyungwon who had left the room to brush his teeth, “What about doing ‘A Foal from the Star’ when Hyungwon comes back?”

To Gihyun’s response, “Hyungwon will immediately go for it,” Joohoney led the game. Upon hearing this, Hyungwon quickly began the “Dadaddada Hin Hin” game, and the members played it from the morning. With Gihyun saying “Let’s stop now,” they returned to their original place as if nothing had happened, and it caused laughter.

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