MONSTA X releases the first concept photo of their 9th mini album “One Of A Kind”… Luxury atmosphere

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Photo=STARSHIP Entertainment

On the afternoon of May 18, MONSTA X released concept photos of their 9th mini album “One Of A Kind” on their official SNS.

Starting with Shownu, the concept photos of all the members, including individuals and units, were unveiled one after another, raising the excitement level of fans.

In the concept photos, MONSTA X members were all wearing black hair, black suits and white shirts. The concept of a luxurious party gave them a sophisticated atmosphere.

In the individual shots, the members showed their charisma and overwhelmed the audience with their intense eyes and relaxed expressions. In the unit cuts of Shownu and Minhyuk, Kihyun and Joohoney, Hyungwon and I.M, showed their outstanding visual chemistry.

Having stolen the hearts of their fans with the release of their first concept photo, MONSTA X will be releasing four more concept photos until the 25th to show the changes in their visuals and raise expectations for their comeback.

Photo=STARSHIP Entertainment

MONSTA X will be making a comeback with their new mini-album “One Of A Kind” after 7 months since their 3rd full album “Fatal Love”.

The members have been building up their musical skills by participating in writing and composing lyrics for each album, and they have also participated in many songs on this album. In particular, Joohoney is attracting attention for producing the title track for the first time since his debut

One Of A Kind” will be released on June 1st at 6pm.

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