MONSTA X releases the second trailer for the music video of their title track “Gamble”… intense eyes.

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Photo=STARSHIP Entertainment

MONSTA X’s comeback is coming soon.

On the 30th, MONSTA X released the second trailer for the music video of the title song “Gambler” from their 9th mini album “One Of A Kind” through their official SNS.

In the video, the members are wearing expensive suits and holding mysterious invitations as they head to the same place. When the door opens and they are all together, they stare at each other, building tension and arousing curiosity.

Minhyuk and Kihyun grab each other by the chest, giving the impression that they’re about to fight, and the intense gaze of the members in close-up overwhelms the viewer.

One Of A Kind” is significant as an album in which the members actively participated. Joohoney and I.M were credited on all the songs, and Hyungwon also participated in “Secrets” and “BEBE,” emphasizing the unique color of MONSTA X.

For the first time in his six years of debut, Joohoney participated as the overall producer of the title track “Gamble” and plans to show off the wide range of musical skills he has built up so far.

One Of A Kind” will be released on June 1st at 6pm.

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