Moon Ga-young’s feelings about the end of the drama “True Beauty” are “I can’t really feel it”

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Moon Ga-young, who became a “romantic comedy queen,” shared her impressions that the broadcast of “True Beauty” has ended.

Moon Ga-young said, “I’ve finished shooting True Beauty, which has been running for seven months. I don’t really feel it because I was there every day. I been given alot of interest and support from and before the drama started till the end. Thank you very much for your support.. I was able to do my best to shoot. I will continue to show you my best, so please look forward to it. I would like to thank the “True Beauty” team and the viewers for sharing this with me. “

Following her wide range of acting through this work and becoming a reliable romantic comedy queen, expectations are rising for her remarkable performance as a next-generation Korean wave star.

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