“My Dearest” Namgoong Min Confesses to Ahn Eunjin with Overflowing Affection

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“My Dearest” Namgoong Min Confesses to Ahn Eunjin with Overflowing Affection

Photo = MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “My Dearest” broadcast screenshot

Namgoong Min and Ahn Eunjin are finally coming together.

In the 17th episode of MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “My Dearest,” which aired in South Korea on the 4th, the story of Lee Jang Hyun (Namgoong Min) and Yoo Yoo Gil Chae (Ahn Eunjin), who have been freed from all hardships and misunderstandings, and now look at each other, was portrayed.

Jang Hyun returned to Joseon and met Yoo Gil Chae, who was pregnant. He had assumed that Yoo Gil Chae was still married to Ku Wangmoo (Chi Sung Hyun), so he concealed his bitter feelings and even bought rice cakes for Yoo Gil Chae, showing his care for her. However, Yoo Gil Chae had divorced Wangmoo immediately upon her return to Joseon, all because of her feelings for Jang Hyun.

As Jang Hyun approached her, Yoo Gil Chae, without shedding a tear, confessed, “So, the Yoo Gil Chae who was violated by the barbarians?” Jang Hyun confessed, “Poor Yoo Gil Chae, wealthy Yoo Gil Chae, rude Yoo Gil Chae, gentle Yoo Gil Chae, Yoo Gil Chae who doesn’t love me, Yoo Gil Chae who loves me, as long as I have Yoo Gil Chae, that’s all that matters.”

His face only conveyed compassion and affection for his My Dearest, as he said, “It must have been very painful, right? It must have been very hard. It’s over now. You don’t have to worry about anything anymore,” while embracing her. Eventually, their feelings aligned, and they shared a kiss.

However, Jang Hyun had to return to Qing because the Korean prisoners of war couldn’t return with Prince Sohyeon (Kim Moo Jun). Yoo Gil Chae also mentioned, “You promised to stay by my side from now on,” and a scene showing her happily waiting for Jang Hyun appeared in the preview.

Furthermore, the ending scene of the first episode, with the sea as a backdrop, showed Jang Hyun, covered in blood, still holding a sword like a cane, savoring the moment when he fell in love with Yoo Gil Chae and asked, “Have you ever heard the sound of Oshiroibana (a type of flower)?” This scene added to the tension about what fate awaited their love.

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