N.Flying releases music video trailer for title track “Moonshot”… Expecting great things!

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Photo=FNC Entertainment

N.Flying is about to make a new leap forward with a powerful new song.

On June 2, their agency, FNC Entertainment, released a music video trailer for the title track “Moonshot” from their first full-length album “Man on the Moon” on N.Flying’s official SNS.

The video shows N.Flying’s powerful leap into a new world. In the black-and-white video, the members walk towards the security camera screen that monitors them, and the video switches to color to reveal a large moon. The moon symbolizes the watcher who illuminates every corner of the world at night, and the members leap up with the light of the moon behind them as much as they can, expressing their leap towards a new world. As the name of the album “Man on the Moon” suggests, N.Flying has crossed over the moon and is announcing further growth.

In particular, the new song “Moonshot,” which plays as the preview BGM, is an attractive alternative rock genre with a wild yet powerful sound. The garage-toned guitar sound and intense brass arrangement are added to the song, and at the end of the video, vocalist Yoo Hwe-seung’s refreshing voice raises expectations for the new song.

All of the songs from N.Flying’s first full-length album, “Man on the Moon,” will be released through various music distribution sites at 6 p.m. on the 7th.

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