N.Flying The Japanese drama “Love You as the World Ends” starring Kim Jae Hyun responds to the invasion of zombies with splendid Taekwondo!

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(C) NTV / HJ Holdings

Nippon Television x Hulu co-produced drama “Love You as the World Ends” starring Ryoma Takeuchi, which began broadcasting on the 17th.

In the drama, a young man, Hibiki Mamiya (Ryoma Takeuchi), who was trapped in a tunnel slip accident the day before his proposal, searches for his lover, Ayami Nakajo, who has become separated in a completely transformed world. It’s a story of survival.

(C) NTV / HJ Holdings

One of the survivors who survives the end world with Hibiki, the mover part-time job, Yun Min-jun, is played by Kim Jae-hyun, who is in charge of drums for the Korean 5-member band N.Flying.

In the first broadcast on the 17th, a horde of zombies attacked despite one episode. Min-jun responds with only one Taekwondo while people fight with weapons such as guns and bows and arrows. When he showed off his vivid roundhouse kick, he was already talked about on SNS as “cool!” And “superb roundhouse kick!”.

(C) NTV / HJ Holdings

In fact, Jae-hyun himself has experience in taekwondo, so he plays all the action scenes himself. I have been training in Korea for more than 2 months for this shoot, and have further refined the technique. In the future, please pay attention to Min-jun’s splendid action as well as the story development of the drama.

The first episode is being overlooked and distributed on the video distribution services “Hulu” and “TVer”. The drama “Love You as the World Ends” will be broadcast on NTV every Sunday at 10:30.

(C) NTV / HJ Holdings

■ Program information
“Love You as the World Ends”

・ Season1 (10 episodes in total)
Starts January 17, 2021 Broadcast every Sunday at 10:30 ・ Season2 (6 episodes in total)
Started in March 2021 Hulu original delivery

* Overlooked on Hulu (Season1 full story delivery) and TVer (1 story will be released until January 24th)

■ Related site “Love You as the World End” Program page: https://www.ntv.co.jp/kimiseka/

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