N.Flying’s first face-to-face concert in a year and seven months ends successfully: “We’ll be active without a break until We’re 80.”

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Photo=FNC Entertainment

N.Flying impressed their fans with their gorgeous band sound.

They held their solo concert “N.Flying LIVE ‘& CON’ – Man on the Moon” at YES24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on February 5 and 6.

This was their first face-to-face concert held in about a year and seven months. The last day of the concert was broadcast live online, giving fans who couldn’t make it to the concert venue a chance to enjoy the show together.

N.Flying opened the concert with “Moonshot,” the title track of their first full-length album “Man on the Moon,” which was released last year. After that, the band livened up the atmosphere of the venue with much-loved songs such as “Hot Potato,” “STARLIGHT,” “GOOD BAM,” and “Rooftop.”

In particular, they sang the Korean version of “Stand by me,” the title track of their first full-length album in Japan released in 2019, and “Awesome,” their debut song released in Korea in 2015, completing the set list like a gift to their fans.

The concert used the band’s sound and the cheering method of getting into rhythm with the mood of the song. Fans clapped their hands and stomped their feet, raising the atmosphere of the venue even without speaking out.

N.Flying said, “We’ll be active without a break until we’re 80 years old and we hope we will be remembered as a good memory. Thank you,” they said, expressing their heartfelt gratitude.

They sang “To you” and “Flashback” as encore songs and expressed their gratitude to the fans who filled the auditorium. The fans responded to their feelings by raising slogans and sharing the excitement of the concert

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