Nam Tae-hyun, drunk driving this time…

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He’s a controversial icon by now, singer Nam Tae-hyun has been caught by police for driving drunk.

On the 8th, the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul announced that they are investigating Nam Tae Hyun for violating the Road Traffic Act (drunk driving).

At 3:20 a.m. that day, Nam Tae-hyun parked his car on the side of a road in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, while intoxicated, opened the door, broke the side mirror of a taxi passing by, and drove for about 20 meters afterward. At the time, Nam’s blood alcohol level was 0.114%, which is the legal limit for license revocation. The police plan to summon Nam Tae-hyun to investigate the circumstances of the incident.

This is not the first time Nam Tae Hyun has been in the news, as he was at the center of controversy last year for allegedly taking drugs. At the time, Channel A’s “Heart Signal 2” cast member Min Min Jae wrote on his SNS, “Nam Tae Hyun methamphetamine box. There is a syringe in my company’s cabinet. And he hit me,” which sparked suspicions.

Afterwards, Nam Tae-hyun said, “I apologize to those who must have been surprised by yesterday’s situation. There was a quarrel between the lovers, but they made up well. “I am truly sorry for causing so many people concern over personal matters,” he said. However, he remained silent on drug use, raising questions. Since then, Internet users have reported the two to the police, and the Yongsan Police Station in Seoul has launched an internal investigation into Nam Tae-hyun’s drug use.

Prior to this, Nam Tae Hyun came under fire after singer Jang Jae In exposed his two-legged relationship. In June 2019, two months after Jang Jae-in’s public relationship with Nam Tae-hyun, she wrote, “I can’t see another victim.” In response, Nam Tae Hyun bowed his head, saying, “I sincerely apologize to Jang Jae-in and the other women who were hurt by this incident.

In addition, Nam Tae Hyun has been screaming back at fans during concerts, shouting informally, and handing a bill to a parking agent between his fingers, causing controversy several times. In 2020, he attended a party in Itaewon during the social distancing period.
Meanwhile, Nam Tae-hyun debuted as a member of WINNER in 2014, but after leaving the group, he has been working as a member of South Club.

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