NCT DREAM makes a comeback with 7 members for the first time in a long time!

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NCT DREAM held a press conference to celebrate the release of their first full album “Hot Sauce” and talked about their special feelings for their comeback with 7 members including Mark.

On May 10, NCT DREAM held a press conference online for their 1st full album ‘Hot Sauce’. To support his friends, NCT’s Doyoung appeared as the MC and congratulated them on the release of their full album. Jaemin said, “It’s been a while since we came back as ‘7DREAM’ (including Mark). I hope you will love us a lot,” he said.

“This album contains a total of 10 songs including the title track ‘Hot Sauce. From brother Mark to Jisung, all of us have come of age, and this album is packed with the message that NCT DREAM wants to convey.

The title track, “Hot Sauce,” is NCT DREAM’s first attempt at the genre, and the signature sound of the song is addictive, like casting a spell. Jaemin said, “It is a straightforward expression of true taste, intense taste, and hot taste. I hope you can listen to the song and concentrate on the lyrics that express the message that I want to show the intense charm that you can not escape once you taste,” he explained the appeal.

As for the performance, Jeno said, “In order to show the gap between this song and the previous ones, we dared to make the chorus a relaxed dance, which I think gives the song a new atmosphere. As for the name of the song “맛 (Hot Sauce)” (meaning “taste” in Korean), Renjun said, “The members were divided into two groups: the 맛 group and the Hot Sauce group. So we decided to put them together and named the song ‘맛 (Hot Sauce)’,” he said.

Of the ten songs on the full album, the members chose six to introduce. About “Dive Into You,” which has already been shown in the track video, Jeno said, “This song compares me and you to a whale and the ocean. MC Doyoung also said that “Diggity” was his favorite track from the video, and Jeongro said, “It’s energetic and addictive. It’s energetic and addictive, and I think you can feel the addiction as soon as you listen to it. Renjun also recommended “Rocket,” saying, “It’s a fun and funky song, and I think it’s good to listen to in the summer.

AboutANL, which stands forAll Night long, Mark said, “I personally really like this song. I think it fits the atmosphere of DREAM, and the chorus is addictive. I think the fans will love it,” he told them. Haechan listedIrreplaceableas his favorite song on the album, saying, “Its a love song where the main character is a beloved lover. The key of the song is high and it requires a lot of vocal skills, so I practiced a lot and made an effort,” he said.

Among the songs included in the album, the members participated in writing the lyrics ofRainbow. Jaemin said, “This song is about the members making a new page like a beautiful rainbow. The members organized the words they wanted to convey to each other, and the lyricist made them into wonderful lyrics,” he said. About the song, Jisung said, “I can relate to every single lyric, so I almost cried when I heard it in the recording room. Writing lyrics is usually done with a theme in mind, but this time it was about us, so the idea came to me right away. Im highly satisfied,” he revealed.

The album has been pre-ordered for more than 1.71 million copies, a whopping 243% increase compared to the previous ep album “Reload”. The album is expected to be a million seller. About this, Mark said, “It doesn’t matter how well we did, it just means that the seven of us were able to release our first full-length album. We talked about having fun and being happy with our activities with the members, but since we have received a lot of love from our fans, we decided to work really hard. Haechan also said, “I’d like to thank NCTZEN (NCT’s fans). DREAM has been growing little by little, but I’d like to express my gratitude to all the staff who have worked as hard as the members.

When asked about the differences between their debut as teenagers and now that they are all adults, Chisun said, “I think I have more time now than when I was a minor. Ive had a lot of experience so far, and Ive developed a lot of know-how,” he confessed. Jeno said, “When we debuted, I think we were a group that was very young. I feel that variousflavorshave been added to it,” he answered. Mark added, “And legally, we can still shoot after 10:00. We also shot the music video until dawn,” he said, drawing laughter.

This time, Mark joined the group for the first time in a long time, and it was an album with seven members. Mark said, “I was very excited to make a comeback with a full album. It means a lot to me that I can participate in the first full-length album, and I want to do my best. I’m glad that the members welcomed me so warmly. Then, Renjun said, “When brother Mark left DREAM, he was just doing other activities at that time, so I didn’t feel like he was gone. 7 of us got together and our colors became more diverse, and the color of DREAM became a strong album. Mark has always been DREAM,” he said, revealing his feelings for Mark.

As for what they want to show in this album, Haechan said, “This is the first full-length album to be released after six years of debut. I thought it would be a priority to show the six years that have passed since we all came of age, and I thought I would show you a work that clearly shows the colors of DREAM.

When asked if he could describe their first full-length album in terms of taste, Mark replied, “Salt, salt, salt. Mark said, “It’s like salt, sugar, and pepper all mixed together,” and Jaemin said, “It’s the taste of the rainbow. 7 different flavors came together to make the best taste.

About this activity, Jeno said, “The subtitle of the songRainbowisBookmark. I think (2018s) We Go Up was the last time the seven of us were together, and I think its like taking the bookmark that was tucked in there and now taking it out again and moving it. I hope to keep the energy I had at that time and show you how I have grown even more, he said. He added, “Ill be happy if this becomes an unforgettable activity in my life. The most important thing is to have fun, be happy, and work hard” (Renjun), “Its a shame that I cant see my fans right now, but Im preparing a lot of things until the day I see them again, so I hope you’ll look forward to it” (Haechan), “I want to work hard and have fun without regrets and make good memories” (Jongro).

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