[NCT DREAM] Na Jae-min suspected of smoking indoors

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controversy of having a cigarette or not having a cigarette.

Jae Min’s “gestures” made him suspect of smoking indoors.

In the midst of the uproar over popular trot singer Lim Young-woong’s “smoking suspicion” in a non-smoking area and his subsequent apology

On the internet, NCT member Jae Min has also been noticed forallegedly smoking indoorsand the way he gestured like he was smoking in the background of a video that was released in the past.

After bringing his hand to his mouth, it seemed like there was smoke coming out of it.

Conflict of opinion between those who point out “smoking suspicion” and those who deny it

The video that raised the suspicion of Jae Min smoking was taken from a video celebrating NCT member Shotaro’s birthday, and it was pointed out that it was a cigarette because Jae Min, who was seen in the background for a moment, brought his left hand to his mouth and seemed to exhale smoke.

However, the naysayers argue that it is not a cigarette because Jae Min himself knew that he was filming, as he sang a birthday song with him before that, and also because he put his hand in his pocket just before that.

<Pointed out and denied.

They wouldnt go to the trouble of smoking while filming a video.

Then whats the point of the smoke coming from your mouth?

You wouldnt be able to smoke that right out of your pocket with your hand in it.

Maybe an e-cigarette?

It was so cold in there.

As was the case with Lim Young-woong, the problem can be solved by reporting him for violation.

If you’re innocent, I want an official denial.

scene from Shotaro’s birthday video

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