[NCT] Summary of dissatisfaction : what fans think about holding an audition program for the new group “NCT Hollywood” in the United States

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SM (Lee Soo-man) x Mark Burnett x MGM x NCT
A summary of opinions on the sudden announcement of the formation of NCT Hollywood

SM Entertainment has announced that it will team up with a new major U. S. television network to select members of NCTs new unit, NCT Hollywood, in an audition show later this year.

The sudden announcement has been met with surprise and mixed opinions on the internet.

Do you need the nameNCTfor this audition?

What happened to SuperM?

Why not a whole new group?

Dont use NCT members (NCT members reportedly participated in member selection)

The name is too lame.

I want you to separate yourself from NCT now.

On an audition show? Why not pick an SM trainee?

When I first heard it, I thought it was a gossip, lol.

A project that makes me wonder if the future of SM is safe.

NCT Hollywoodisnt really K-Pop anymore.

I didnt even acceptinfinite expansionto begin with!!!

At least form it with SM trainees, why audition civilians from outside?

I was thinking that since Shotaro joined, we could haveNCT Japanor something like that, but no way, Hollywood!

Next up isNCT Africaso dont be surprised guys.

The most frightening thing is that this is only the beginning. . .

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