New drama “Penthouse 3” releases a trailer announcing the beginning… Expectations are high for new developments.

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The new SBS Friday drama “Penthouse 3” has blitzed out a trailer announcing the beginning of the final war.

The drama “Penthouse 3” is a suspenseful revenge drama and the storyline depicts the twisted desires and duplicity of those who have it in their hearts to reach the top of the heights and the horrifying realities of life.

As a result, the drama set an unprecedented record by sweeping all categories related to popularity, including viewership ratings, number of views, VOD sales, and overseas rights.

The production team said, “The trailer shows the blood-boiling vengeance against each other and a new character who plays an active role in the center of it,” and said, “We hope you will look forward to ‘Penthouse 3,’ the final war between evil people created by twisted desires and its bleak finale.

The new Friday drama “Penthouse 3” will begin airing in Korea on June 4 at 10 p.m.

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