NewJeans CM song ‘Zero’ hits the top ranks on major domestic music charts.

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NewJeans’ CM song is gathering attention.

NewJeans, Coca-Cola 'Zero' music video image / courtesy of iHeart Radio
NewJeans, Coca-Cola ‘Zero’ music video image / courtesy of iHeart Radio

NewJeans (Minji, Danielle, Hani, Haerin, and Hyein)’s Coca-Cola collaboration song, ‘Zero,’ ranked fourth on the Melon ‘Top 100’ chart as of 8 AM on the 5th.

The song that was released on the 3rd at 6 PM entered the ‘Top 10′ chart on various charts and rose within just two hours after its release. In particular, it soared to third place on Bugs and once again proved NewJeans’ presence.

Although it’s a new song by NewJeans, who swept the Melon monthly chart from first to third place in the first quarter of this year with ‘Ditto,’ ‘OMG,’ and ‘Hype Boy,’ it’s exceptional for the CM song to gain such popularity.

Despite being an advertising song that directly reveals the brand name in the lyrics, the trendy beat and NewJeans’ distinctive vocals captured listeners. The parodied melody that many people remember has strong addictive power, and once you hear it, it stays in your mind.

NewJeans 'Zero' album cover
NewJeans ‘Zero’ album cover

The music video is also gaining attention among global fans. The ‘Zero’ music video has surpassed 6.32 million views on YouTube and is currently in first place on the ‘rising videos’ chart (Korea). It has entered the top rankings of the YouTube ‘Rising Videos’ in 26 countries/regions, including second in Japan, fifth in Taiwan, ninth in Canada, sixteenth in the UK, and eighteenth in the US, giving an insight into NewJeans’ global influence.

Music fans around the world have shown various reactions, such as “the song is attractive and brings nostalgia,” and “the visual and styling have become even more new and fresh.” They are also showing interest in the Korean traditional folk song melody used in ‘Zero.’

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