“No entry” Ex-TV personality Amy goes to Korea for the first time in 5 years “No plans for entertainment activities”

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Amy, a talent who was exiled on suspicion of illegally taking propofol and zolpidem, said she had no plans to work in the entertainment world as she returned to South Korea for the first time in five years.

On the afternoon of the 20th, Amy entered South Korea from Guangzhou, China, through Incheon International Airport. It has been about five years since he was exiled from South Korea in December 2015.

Amy was originally scheduled to enter the country on the 13th, but due to visa issues, her departure was delayed by a week and she entered the country on the 20th. “It was a bit late because of changes in China’s visa law. It wasn’t a big deal,” she said in a reporter’s question asking for an explanation as to why she was behind schedule.

Amy bowed 90 degrees to many reporters at Incheon International Airport and said, “I can’t explain. I still don’t feel it. I thought about meeting my family. One family died a week ago. I’m not feeling well, but I’m just happy to meet my family, ” she said.

She also confessed the reason for returning to Korea, saying, “First of all, after five years of punishment, I wanted to be with my family, and I also wanted to start anew.”

What does she mean by “new departure”? Is it a message that she wants to start full-scale activities in the entertainment world? When I asked her acquaintance about her plans for future performing arts activities, she answered, “I have no plans, so I will tell you later.”

Ex-TV personality  Amy, a US citizen, was forced to leave South Korea in December 2015 on suspicion of taking propofol and zolpidem. She was arrested for taking propofol in 2012 and sentenced to eight months in prison and a two-year suspended sentence, but in 2014 it was revealed that she had taken zolpidem again and was ordered to be expelled by the court. ..

At that time, Amy was staying in South Korea, making two law-abiding pledges stating, “If you violate the law again, you will not object even if you are forced to leave the country.” However, she was given Zolpidem during the suspended sentence, was sentenced to a fine, and was flooded with criticism.

Amy temporarily entered the country in October 2017 during the Korean immigration ban to attend her brother’s wedding.

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