NU’EST released their second dance video for the title track “INSIDE OUT”

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Photo=Pledis Entertainment

NU’EST has released a dance video for their new song “INSIDE OUT”.

NU’EST’s agency, Pledis Entertainment, released the second dance video of their second full album title song “INSIDE OUT” through NU’EST’s official SNS and YouTube channel at noon today (May 1), showing off their powerful charisma and overwhelming dance moves.

In the released dance video, the members of NU’EST boast natural charm in their personal clothes, and their moderate performance reminiscent of the actual stage and detailed gestures emanated a strong presence, drew the attention of fans.

In particular, the video was released in a fixed version, so you can see at a glance the brilliant lines of the “INSIDE OUT” performance, as well as various point dances and unit performances, delivering unique fun and getting a hot response.

INSIDE OUT”, the title track of their 2nd full album “Romanticize”, is a song that stands out for its differentiated concept, trendy sound and sensual performance, attracting music fans and creating a NU’EST boom. In addition, they have been receiving intensive attention from leading overseas media and are gaining attention every day.

NU’EST dominated the charts in Korea and abroad upon their comeback and won the first place trophy on “M COUNTDOWN”, “Music Bank” and “Show Music Center”. There is a lot of anticipation to see what kind of meaningful results they will achieve with this album.

NU’EST will appear on SBS “Popular Songs” on the 2nd to perform the title track “INSIDE OUT” on stage.

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