OH MY GIRL Hyo Jung “Living alone for 2 months … I want to create my own space”

Photo = KBS 2TV “Rent only land” broadcast screen capture

OH MY GIRL’s Hyo Jung revealed that she has been living alone for two months.

In KBS 2TV “Rent only land” broadcasted in South Korea on the 17th, the production team asked Hyo Jung “Why did you decide to appear?”

Hyo Jung confessed, “Since I lived in a dormitory, I didn’t feel calm as” my own house. “I’ve been living alone for two months, but I’m gradually looking for comfort.” ..

She continued, “I wish I could create my own peaceful space through this program. I also want to meet many people and learn about different lives, and I want to feel people in different fields from me. I decided to appear. “

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