OH MY GIRL releases the last track film of their 8th mini album “Dear OHMYGIRL”…featuring Hyojung!

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Photo=WM Entertainment

“‘Concept Fairyof OH MY GIRL ahead of the comeback, the last track film was released.

On August 8, their agency WM Entertainment announced through their official SNS channel that OH MY GIRLs 8th mini albumDear OHMYGIRLwill be releasing its 6th track filmOh. Im so sorry. Play with me in the dreamhas been released.

The video shows a theme park with gorgeous lights and Hyojungs fun time in the park. In the dark background, the merry-go-round shining with various lights, Hyojungs bright smile standing in front of it, and even the fireworks in some places, the atmosphere reminiscent of a festival on a summer night, which was the last track film released just before the comeback, decorated a brilliant finale.

In particular, the dense fog that appears in the video, the fireworks that turn into mirror balls, and even the phraseHello, Play In Your Dreamsthat appears at the beginning of the video all stand out for their fairytale-like and infinite mood, as if they are depicting a dream that is far from reality.

The title trackDUN DUN DANCEis a Nu-Disco style song that stands out for OH MY GIRLs diverse vocal harmonies and addictive chorus. It looks like fun, but it shows the unique dance-pop flair ofOH MY GIRLwith melodies and lyrics that are sad and lovely.

Last year, ‘NonstopandDolphinoccupied the top of the music charts, as well as eight music program titles, cumulative music streaming more than 100 million times, GAON chart platinum certification list of thetop-class girl groupwas reborn, the expectations for this album is even higher.

OH MY GIRL will release their 8th mini albumDear OHMYGIRLon the 10th at 6pm through various music distribution sites.

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