OH MY GIRL YooA, 159cm tall and perfect style!

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Photo=YooA Instagram

OH MY GIRL’s YooA showed off her amazing proportions.

On May 20, YooA posted a few photos on her Instagram with the caption, “Rooftop walk.” She posted several photos with the caption, “My necklace with Shasha, S, and Dandan with me.”

In the released photos, YooA is posing on the rooftop of a building and her small face and elongated arms and legs are eye-catching, showing off her beautiful body, which is perfect for a girl of 159cm.

When netizens saw this, they commented, “Sister is really beautiful. She looks really beautiful. She has great proportions,” “She’s cute,” “She’s too cool,” and other comments.

OH MY GIRL, to which YooA belongs, released her 8th mini album “Dear OHMYGIRL” on the 10th. They are actively working on the title track “DUN DUN DANCE”.

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