“Panic disorder / anxiety worsens” Chillin Homie goes to hospital treatment… Office comment

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Photo = Chillin Homie Instagram

The agency GROOVL1N interviewed Newsen on February 3rd, saying, “Chillin Homie visited the hospital on February 2nd and received medical treatment. He plans to continue receiving treatment at this time.

“GROOVL1N will do its best to keep the artist’s body and mind at rest. We apologize for any inconvenience caused,” they added.

On January 28, Chillin Homie argued with some internet users on Instagram live stream, arguing and swearing at them and also, on the same day, he posted a note on his Instagram story saying “I want to stop. It’s too painful. Why and how should I live while looking at people’s complexion?” And complained of mental distress.. Internet users were worried.

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