Park Eun-seok, even in the past when he struggled with Korean … With advice from his teacher, he “worried so much that he couldn’t sleep”

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Park Eun-seok is said to have come to South Korea after 15 years to fulfill his dream as an actor after moving to the United States at the age of seven. He said that the biggest obstacle for him was Korean, and reveals his suffering past.

The professor, who saw Park Eun-seok struggling with Korean  pronunciation, advised him to go to the military. As a result, he volunteered and joined the army, despite being a permanent resident of the United States. He said, “I enlisted (applied) myself, but I was so worried that I couldn’t sleep,’Is there a way to discharge on the way?'” Furthermore, he revealed the reason why he became famous in the military unintentionally, and made everyone at the recording site burst into laughter. What is the strange and sad situation that made him famous in the military?

He also reveals why he has expanded his range of activities not only to supporting roles in dramas but also to theatrical stage. MC Kang Ho-dong, who was listening with a passion, acknowledged Park Eun-seok as a new passion icon, saying, “I want to have a passion confrontation with TVXQ’s Yunho, an icon of passion that represents the entertainment world.”

Park Eun-seok revealed why he gave up his permanent residence in the United States. He came to South Korea alone to fulfill his dream as an actor, and said he had experienced a small role in a drama from a part-time job at a movie company, and described the process of his efforts.

Park Eun-seok said he had fallen into a slump due to the overcrowded schedule of repeated travels to Seoul and onto rural areas in his sixth year of balancing between drama and theater activities. “It seemed like a dream and slave,” he needed a vacation to clear himself, and confessed that he took a break and went on a trip to Europe alone.

After returning from a two-month trip from Europe, the first thing he did was give up his permanent residency. When he had permanent residence, he always felt that he could return to the United States if his work didn’t go well, so he abandoned the escape route and faced acting.

Park Eun-seok confesses to Kang Ho-dong that he has no special skills and it is difficult to perform in a variety show. With the advice of Kang Ho-dong, he will perform his one-of-a-kind piano performance. In addition, he will perform the first duet performance with MC Nam Chang-hee.

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