Park Min-young recent shots… A smile that is too beautiful

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Photo=NAMOO ACTORS Official Instagram

Actress Park Min-young showed off her dazzling beauty.

On the 22nd, on the official Instagram of NAMOO ACTORS, which Park Min-yong belongs to, there was a post that read, “National Tax Agency Public Relations Ambassador Public Relations Ambassador Commissioning Ceremony Spare and clear smile, NAMOO is KIJUL (faint).

In the photos, Park Min Young is wearing a neat suit and a clean smile. Park Min Young left a certification shot with a bouquet of flowers and a commission tile, which drew people’s attention.

She also winked at the fans with a big heart panel and targeted their hearts.

Park Min-young appeared on Netflix’s variety show “Busted! Season 3. Currently, she is considering appearing in JTBC’s new drama “Cruel Story of Office Romance“.

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