Park Soo-jin to resume activities after 5 years?

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Photo= Park Soo-jin Instagram

Actress Park Soo-jin, who is the wife of actor Bae Yong-joon, uploaded a photo suggesting that she will resume her activities after 5 years.

On the 10th, she posted a photo on her Instagram. In the photo, Park Soo-jin is wearing a white vest and pants, posing with a cool look in her eyes.

It’s a photo that shows that she is expected to resume her activities, and even her former colleague from Sugar, Lee Ayumi of ICONIQ, commented, “Isn’t she too cute?”

Park Soo-jin, who debuted with the girl group Sugar in 2001, has since appeared as an actress in “Boys Over Flowers,” “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox,” and “Queen Seondeok”. She also appeared in the gourmet variety show “Tasty Road” with her best friend, actor Kim Sung-eun, which was very popular.

She married Hallyu star Bae Yong-jun, known as “Yon-sama,” in July 2015, which drew attention from Korea, Japan, and other Asian countries, and gave birth to their first son in October 2016 and a daughter in April 2018.

Since her marriage, she has not been involved in any productions other than the variety show “The First Disciple of Oksudong. If she resumes her career, it will be for the first time in about five years since “Oksoodong Chef Master and Her Pupil” in 2016.

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