PENTAGON’s Jinho appears on Phantom Singer 4

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Photo = JTBC “Phantom Singer 4” broadcast screen capture

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, who is a judge on the show, was surprised by the appearance of Jinho from PENTAGON.

Jinho, the main vocalist of the boy group PENTAGON, appeared as a participant on the recent broadcast of the JTBC variety show “Phantom Singer 4” in Korea.

Kyuhyun, who was perplexed by his appearance, said, “He used to be under SM Entertainment and we even released ballad songs together. We also worked together as a group called S.M. The Ballad.”

MC Jung Hyung-mo also said, “Personally, my manager received a lot of inquiries from PENTAGON’s manager,” and asked Jinho if he had applied directly.

He confessed, “Actually, it was tough until I appeared on the show. I love expressing my story through singing on stage, and when I heard the news of ‘Phantom Singer 4’ broadcast, I looked for various things. They told me that I just needed to write an application on the official website, so I worked hard to prepare it.”

Regarding the reason for his challenge, Jinho said, “I love the thrill of delivering from the stage to the audience, and there is no show with a greater thrill than this program. So I decided to appear because I wanted to feel it and challenge it by directly colliding with it physically.”

He also showed his determination by saying, “I concentrated only on this program. Of course, I think all the participants felt the same way, but I never took it lightly. I will show sincerity on stage.”

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