Popular new boy group T1419, Hong Kong daily newspaper also pays attention “K-POP rising star”

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Hong Kong’s daily South China Morning Post (SCMP) has extensively reported the rookie boy group T1419 as the “new teenage voice.”

On the 11th, SCMP released their interview with the title “Rising K-POP Star: T1419 who dreamed of a teenage voice”.

In the interview, they introduced the characteristics of the group consisting of Japanese and Korean members, future aspirations and growth direction, and the musical characteristics of T1419 dealing with social issues, and they were well received.

In particular, leader Noah said, “I get a lot of inspiration from contemporary artists in finding the colors of artists. I want to be an” interactive artist “that influences each other, not one-sided influence. “, And attracted attention.

T1419 debuted on the 11th with “BEFORE SUNRISE Part.1”. The “Global Debut Show,” which was held at the same time as the debut, was watched online by 300,000 people. Not only Korea but also overseas fandoms (a group of specific fans) expanded explosively and attracted the attention of fans all over the world under the nickname of “completed newcomer”.

T1419’s debut song “ASURA BALBALTA” is a song featuring a trendy sound based on HIPHOP and EDM and a theme lead with a unique source. “ASURABALBALTA” is a spell that means “it will be achieved as you wish”, and it contains the feeling of praying for the bright future of the members that will unfold in the future.

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