RAIN unveils his home on the show! He also treats his family to a home-cooked meal… His daily life as a kind dad is a hot topic

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RAIN (Bi) will reveal a day as a dad.

In the 143rd episode of MBC’s “Omniscient Interfering View”, RAIN’s daily life will be revealed. This week, he is going to show his side as a kind father and captivate viewers.

In the show, he prepared a sumptuous meal for his family. He went to the seafood market to buy the ingredients and surprised the MCs with his generous purchase of seafood. He even appeared with a secret weapon for shopping, which made them laugh.

Rain also showed off his cooking skills. He handled snow crab with his hands and made a delicious cheese crab fried rice in no time. Next, he prepared steamed snow crab and fish sashimi to complete the delicious meal. The atmosphere in the studio was softened by RAIN’s daily life as a dad, which is 180 degrees different from his glamorous appearance on stage.

Other than that, RAIN also released a behind-the-scenes look with his first new boy group, “Ciipher.”  We can’t wait to see what happened at the next dance practice.

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