Red Velvet Joy will appear on MelOn STATION upon the release of her solo debut album “Hello”… with a special message to her fans.

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Photo=SM Entertainment

Red Velvet’s Joy will release her first solo album “Hello” after her debut and will appear on MelOn STATION.

Joy will meet listeners through MelOn STATION’s “SMing” channel twice, at 6 p.m. on June 31 and at 6 a.m. on June 3.

Joy’s new album will include “Je T’aime,” which was previously released on June 26, “Every Time,” by TOY, “Day By Day,” by As One, “If Only,” by Sung Si-kyung, featuring Paul Kim, and “Happy Birthday To You,” by Kwon Jin Won.

Through the songs re-arranged with her sensibility, she is expected to touch the music loved by all generations with her attractive voice and excellent singing ability.

In this broadcast, Joy will introduce her thoughts on the release of the special album, the songs included in the album, including the title track, and the points to appreciate each song. She will also tell us about the special moments in the process of preparing the album and the behind-the-scenes story. She will also give a special message to her beloved fans, which is attracting a lot of attention from fans.

Joy is loved as a vocalist not only through Red Velvet’s activities but also through many collaborations and OSTs.

As an all-rounder who is active in various fields such as acting, variety shows, MC, and advertising modeling, she has been recognized for her versatile charm and ability, and her new appearance in this album is raising expectations even more.

MelOn STATION is an audio content that is directly performed by artists, and popular artists such as BTS, NCT DREAM, ITZY, Brave Girls, and SHINee’s Taemin appear on the day of release to communicate with fans.

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