Rookie boy group KINGDOM Mujin & Louis & Chiwoo, concept photo & group photo released … Pay attention to the visuals of 7 people

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Photo = GF Entertainment
KINGDOM, a 7-member boy group, has released the second concept photo.

KINGDOM has released the second individual concept photo and group photo of the Eclipse version (Eclipse ver.) Through their official SNS channel from the 25th.

In the photo released, Mujin emphasized the visuals with his smooth nose and sharp face lines. The gorgeous make-up on one face doubles the mysterious atmosphere and gives it a special charm.

With an ash gray hairstyle and a fantastic aura, Louis expresses his presence with a sad expression and a delicate look. On the other hand, Chiwoo had a strong look. The deep look with sharp charisma and the gorgeous costumes are in harmony, and you can’t take your eyes off.

The charisma of KINGDOM stands out more in the group photo. The seven kings were perfect and gave off an aura that kept people away.

KINGDOM, which has finished the release of the first and second concept photos, is refraining from releasing the third preview video until the 30th. KINGDOM, who announced the birth of a king with a strong appearance toward the battlefield and an old-fashioned atmosphere, will continue to show off the world view of “7 countries and 7 kings” and will officially debut in February.

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