Rookie boy group Mirae (Future Boys) mentions their future goals, “In a year, we want to win the Rookie of the Year Award…”

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This is the first time in 9 years that DSP Media has released a 7-member boy group, Mirae who participated in the photo shoot for the May issue of “@star1”, a star and style magazine. They are going to show their explosive energy and build up their unique world view by focusing on solid basics. In the photo shoot with “@star1”, Mirae showed off their fresh visuals as a rookie group.

In an interview after the photo shoot, they shared their impressions of their debut and said, “It was hard to get used to our team name when it was first decided. In the interview after the photo shoot, they shared their thoughts on their debut, saying, “When we first decided on our team name, we couldn’t get used to it,” especially when it was written in Hangul, they showed their pride and love for the team name, saying, “we’ll try our best to make it memorable for our overseas fans.”


When I asked them about the strengths of the group, they said, “We have diverse charms such as teamwork and visuals,” and added, “The seven of us have distinct charms of seven different colors, but we mix well like bibimbap and have good teamwork.

When asking them to imagine what they would look like in a year’s time, the members replied, “we hope that we will be running hard, keeping our original intentions in mind, just like we are now, and in a year, we want to win the Rookie of the Year award and be preparing our next album.”

The interview and photo shoot of Mirae can be seen in the May issue of “@star1”.


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