“Royal Secret Agent” INFINITE Elle doubts the sharp rise in rice prices …Facing new incident?

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* This article contains content related to the story of the drama.

Photo = KBS 2TV “Royal Secret Agent” screen capture

KBS 2TV’s “Royal Secret Agent” aired on the 19th in South Korea featured Song Yi-gyeom (INFINITE L) pursuing corruption of an observer.

On this day, Song Yi-gyeom and his friends visited the inn before meeting the observer. However, the price of rice and the price of food had doubled in the past year.

Park Chun-sam (Lee Yi-kyung) tried to get angry when it was too expensive, but Song Yi-kyung stopped. Park Chun-sam complained, “Let’s eat while counting each grain of rice,” but expressed satisfaction with the taste.

When Hong Dain (Kwon Nara) continued to ask questions while Song Yi Kyum was eating, Song Yi Kyum complained, “can you give me a little food?”

Song Yi-gyeom also told Hong Dain, “You should stay here. You may have forgotten, but this is the mission of the Imperial Censor that I received. You can follow my instructions.” I ordered.

“This is the mission of the Imperial Censor and my job,” said Hong Dain. “I can’t work with someone who has personal feelings, so I want to support myself.” Please stay still. “

On this day, Song Yi-gyeom and Park Chun-sam faced severe poverty. They found out the real reason why the price of rice soared in the process. The observer seized the rice and offered it as a rice donation. It was the moment when Song Yi-gyeom and Park Chun-sam encountered a new incident.

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