Ruddie Miller from “K-POP Star 2” releases new single “Call Me Right Back” today

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Ruddie Miller, the first musician of EVERMORE MUSIC’s “MORE” project, released his single “Call Me Right Back” at noon today (29th).

EVERMORE MUSIC announced the news of the release of Ruddie Miller’s single “Call Me Right Back” and released the photo image.

Ruddie Miller’s new single “Call Me Right Back” features a melodious rap that anyone can easily sing and a highly addictive hook, and you want to hear your favorite lover, friends, or family. It’s a song that confesses cutely to complain that I want you to call me right now.

Ruddie Miller, who became the first main character of this “MORE” project, is a member of the Raccoon Boys who received the support of people at the 2012 SBS “K-POP Star 2”, and is a talented musician who has advanced to the TOP5. After turning into solo, he made an outstanding appearance in various auditions, such as being selected as the top 20 “Muse on” project and the rookie project of SHINHAN Card last year.

In the “MORE” project, starting with the first main character Ruddie Miller, a group of musicians is selected every month to support general production such as single production and distribution, live video production, marketing and PR, and sound source revenue. And the copyright will also be provided to the benefits that belong to the musician. The goal is to create an ecosystem where musicians can freely create.

Ruddie Miller’s new single, the first protagonist of the “MORE” project, was released today (29th) at noon through various music distribution sites.

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