Running Mate by “Parasite” writer in production!

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The drama “Running Mate,” which marks the directorial debut of Han Jin-won, the screenwriter of the film “Parasite,” will be produced on TVING.

“Running Mate” (written by Han Jin-won, Hong Ji-seo, Oh Do-gon, directed by Han Jin-won), which will be created as a TVING original series, depicts the story of Se-hoon, a model student who runs for student council elections as a running mate to refresh his image, gradually becoming the core of the election.

“Running Mate” is the directorial debut of Han Jin-won, who won an Academy Screenplay Award as a co-screenwriter for the film “Parasite” with director Bong Joon-ho. The script, which was completed with Han Jin-won’s ability and excellent writing skills, cultivated through directing parts of films such as “Okja,” is garnering interest in what kind of synergy it will produce. A team of veteran staff members who worked on films such as “Parasite” and “Okja” and the production team of “Midnight Runner” and the drama “Today might be a bit painful” have collaborated on the project.

A large number of new actors appear in the lead role of the student council election. Yun Hyung-se, who gained attention in the drama “Racket Boys,” Lee Jong-sik, who showed a strong presence in the drama “Tracer,” and Che Ji-sung, who received critical acclaim in the film “Room Sharing,” as well as Hong Fa-young, Lee Bong-jun, Kim Ji-woo, Ok Ji-nuk, and Yun Do-gon, were cast.

The production team of “Running Mate” said, “Through a dynamic story about a boy’s ordinary election campaign, we wanted to help viewers remember the past, reflect on the present, or have the courage to step forward into the future for about a month, like a roller coaster ride.” They also revealed their aspiration to deliver meaningful enjoyment to viewers through the drama.

The drama “Running Mate,” which opens up new possibilities for school-themed dramas through dynamic episodes surrounding an ordinary boy’s election campaign, is set to be released on TVING in 2024.

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