“Active in Korea” Sayuri Fujita does not get married even after giving birth to her first child … Confessing her feelings over the phone “I don’t want to be a liar mother” (with video)

Photo = KBS 1TV “News 9” broadcast screen capture

Sayuri Fujita gave birth to her first healthy child earlier this month.

KBS 1TV “News 9” broadcast in South Korea on the 16th revealed the story of Sayuri Fujita, who chose to give birth without getting married.

She gave birth to a boy weighing 3200g in Japan on the 4th of this month. It is said that she became pregnant after receiving a donation from a Japanese sperm bank.

Having frankly confessed that she wants a child, she was diagnosed with an ovarian age of 48 at an obstetrics and gynecology department in South Korea last October when she visited due to irregular menstruation. After worrying, she chose to become a mother without getting married.

In a telephone interview with “News 9”, Sayuri Fujita said, “The ovarian age was 48 years old (when examined). It was said that natural pregnancy is difficult and the success rate is not high even if in vitro fertilization is performed immediately. At that time, I felt like the world would collapse. ”

However, I could not give up my child and said, “No matter how much I thought about it, it was difficult to hurry to find someone I didn’t love and get married. Everything was illegal in Korea, and in vitro fertilization is possible only for married people. I was told. ”

As a mother, she said, “I’m finally happy. When I wake up in the morning, I’m worried that my child isn’t around. I’m happy, and I’m afraid to sleep, wondering what to do if it was a dream.” I confessed.

I decided to let my child know the process of making such a choice because I wanted to be a proud mother to my child. Sayuri Fujita said, “Some people say,’Don’t say they were offered. People will discriminate.’ I don’t want to be a liar mother because I want to teach you that you can’t lie.”

She also said that women who do not marry should be granted the right to have children. She said, “Recently, there will be a claim that’I want you to have an abortion’, but I want you to think the other way around and say’I want you to have a baby’. I want you to allow not only abortion but also childbirth.” Emphasized.

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