Sayuri Fujita’s sudden confession of plastic surgery on her return to the show after 6 months! She said, “People say that my child looks like me, but…”

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Photo= My Neighbor, Charles” Broadcast Screen Captures

TV personality Sayuri Fujita returned to the show after a six-month absence with “My Neighbor, Charles”.

KBS 1TV’s “My Neighbor, Charles,” which aired in South Korea on March 2, attracted a lot of attention when Sayuri Fujita appeared on the show after voluntarily choosing to become a single mother last November and proudly announcing that she had become a mother.

She recently made headlines for becoming a single mother, and even though she was inundated with offers to appear on the show, she joked that she was returning to “Neighborhood Charles” because she was “righteous”.

She also gave an update on her son, Zen. Sayuri Fujita said, “He is very healthy. He’s eating and sleeping, eating and sleeping. He’s already filial piety,” she said, adding, “He’s 8 kilos, but he’s a good boy.

She then drew laughter when she confessed, “People say that my child and I have the same eyes, but I had double eyelid surgery, so it’s impossible for us to look alike.

“Are there any changes in your life that you feel since your son was born?

“I used to only have selfie shots of myself on my phone, but now I only have pictures of my baby. It’s like I’ve been reborn,” she said.

As for her donation of 10 million won (about 8,909.49 usd) to Baby Box, she said, “I’ve become interested in things related to babies. I’m grateful to be able to donate,” she added, creating a heartwarming atmosphere.

Sayuri Fujita said, “I made rice cakes for my son’s 100th birthday celebration and distributed many of them to the neighborhood, including the cafeteria. I heard that my son will grow up healthy if people around him eat a lot of rice cakes. In Korea, we have this kind of culture.

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