SEVENTEEN releases stage video of online concert “Shining Diamond”

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Photo = Pledis Entertainment
SEVENTEEN has released a surprise stage video of the online concert.

On the afternoon of the 27th, the agency Pledis Entertainment released the stage video of the 1st mini album “Shining Diamond” through SEVENTEEN’s official YouTube and SNS channels, and kept the deep lingering sound of the online concert.

This was prepared by SEVENTEEN to respond to the cheers from fans all over the world for the online concert “2021 SEVENTEEN ONLINE CONCERT <IN-COMPLETE>” held on the 23rd.

Emphasizing the sophisticated atmosphere with black and white suits, SEVENTEEN showed a powerful and sharp performance and gazed at a stretch, and the stable live stage once again evoked the excitement and enthusiasm felt at the concert.

In particular, “Shining Diamond” is the first track of SEVENTEEN’s debut album “17 CARAT”, and the unchanging sharp dance and energy are impressed by many people on the stage that makes you feel dignified.

SEVENTEEN will hold an online concert “IN-COMPLETE” on the 23rd, with a perfect stage suitable for the alias of “King of Concerts” from various productions and compositions to overwhelming performances, in real time with fans in 122 regions around the world. I communicated.

SEVENTEEN will meet fans through various activities in the future.

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