SEVENTEEN to release self-produced magazine “GOING”! Surprise release of idol shoot … Part of the proceeds donated

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Photo = Pledis Entertainment
SEVENTEEN has released a surprise release of their photo shoot in magazine “GOING”.

On the afternoon of the 1st, SEVENTEEN released the pre-order sale date with the back cover of the magazine “GOING” packed with their various charms through the official SNS.

The magazine “GOING” was held as part of the project of SEVENTEEN’s self-produced content “GOING SEVENTEEN 2020”. Not only did Mingyu, a member of the group, come up with ideas and plays an active role as a host to produce the shoot, but it was also an “independent production” created by the members directly participating in the overall process, from shooting to design, editing, and styling.

The back cover of the magazine “GOING”, which attracted a lot of expectations was decorated by Mingyu, who was the general editor of this project. The black-and-white back cover, which doubles the atmosphere, has a playful expression of Mingyu and the pleasant hand gestures of the members, raising expectations for the various cuts and stories contained in the magazine.

In addition, today (2nd), S.COUPS, Joshua, Wonwoo, and Vernon’s personal cuts were released in order, further enlivening the atmosphere. The members have made the shoot even more perfect with cuts that take advantage of their style and atmosphere, and have received an explosive response from fans. Despite being “independently produced”, it boasts high quality and appeals the unique sense of SEVENTEEN.

In particular, SEVENTEEN has announced that they will donate a part of the proceeds of the self-produced magazine “GOING” and plans to maintain a good influence. Pre-orders will be available from February 15th to February 21st through the fan commerce platform “Weverse Shop”, and details can be found through the Weverse Shop.

While repeating a solid story from the album in this way, SEVENTEEN, which is regarded as an icon of “independent production”, challenged a new genre of independent production of photo shoots and surprised people with unlimited growth. They plan to continue their growth in 2021.

In addition, “GOING SEVENTEEN 2020”, which ended a long journey of one year at the end of last month, showed a new paradigm of K-POP artist’s self-produced content. In addition, it has formed many enthusiasts by word of mouth, and with the high support of many people in Korea and abroad, it has a tremendous influence such as cumulative views exceeding 100 million times, YouTube popularity soaring video rank, real-time search word ranking acquisition, etc.

SEVENTEEN will release new content on March 3rd after the redevelopment.

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