SF9 Inseong feels responsible for his defeat in Mnet’s “KINGDOM” unit competition and cries, “I felt like I had ruined everything…”

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Photo=Mnet “KINGDOM : LEGENDARY WAR” broadcast screen capture

SF9’s Inseong cried, feeling guilty about the defeat of his vocal unit team.

On Mnet’s “KINGDOM : LEGENDARY WAR,” which aired in Korea on May 20, the first round of the third competition, the unit showdown, took place.

The iTS ONE team, consisting of iKON’s Jinhwan and Ju-ne, SF9’s Inseong and Jaeyoon, and THE BOYZ’s Sangyeon and New, chose Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon’s “Spark” and presented a stage with a strong image and their own attractive tones. Inseong was well received by the members for his amazing high-pitched voice from the practice stage, but he made a mistake in the high-pitched part of the actual stage.

The MAYFLY team, which competed with the IT’S ONE team, consisted of BTOB’s Eunkwang, Stray Kids’ Seungmin, and ATEEZ’s Jongho. they chose IU’s “Love Poem” and performed beautiful harmonies as if they were originally one team, with Eunkwang as the center. The members of each team, as well as the special guests, were in awe of each other.

The members of each team, as well as a special evaluation team, rated MAYFLY team as the best on the KINGDOM stage, and they won 33-0 in the evaluation.

iTS ONE team was worried about Inseong, who was feeling responsible. Jinhwan said, “I think he’s been feeling really burdened. We don’t stress much about it, but he seems to be feeling guilty all by himself. I couldn’t say anything to him either. I hope Inseong doesn’t blame himself too much,” he said.

Inseong said, “I don’t know what the members of the unit are thinking, but I feel like I’m taking on more responsibility than I can handle… I felt like I had ruined everything that the five of us had done. I’m sorry to SF9 and I’m sorry to THE BOYZ and iKON,” he said, expressing his regret.

He also said, “I know you’re disappointed to see me saying this behind your back after making so many jokes, but I’m really sorry,” and shed tears.

New said, “I’m also in charge of a role like Brother Insung’s in THE BOYZ. I’m sure you feel the burden enough, and I’m sure I do too. I was happy while preparing. You don’t have to feel sorry at all,” he said, understanding Inseong’s feelings.

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