SF9’s Jaeyoon confesses his own love style, “I always accommodate to my partner”

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Photo = Screen capture from KBS 2TV’s “Love Recall”

SF9’s Lee Jae-yoon has revealed his own love style.

On the afternoon of the 20th in Korea, Lee Jae-yoon and former Phantom member Hanhae appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Can You Recall Love?” as “intern planners”.

On the show, MC Sung Yu-ri revealed the theme for the episode as “love that accommodates (to the other person)”. She then asked Lee Jae-yoon, “The ‘recall man’ accommodated everything to his ex-girlfriend, including the location of the date and the menu for food. Are you the type of person to also accommodate everything to your partner in love like this?”

In response, MC Yang Se-hyung said, “But his visual appearance is too perfect, so I think the other person will accommodate to Jae-Yoon in the relationship instead,” and Jang Young-ran guessed, “His visual appearance is perfect. His love life must be perfect too! I think he accommodates to his partner.”

Then, Jae-yoon answered, “Whether it’s a man or a woman, I always think of accommodating to my partner.”

Hearing this, Song Yoo-ri asked, “Even if you dislike noodle dishes, can you only eat noodles?” Jaeyoon replied, “I think I would talk to my partner and say, ‘I’ll eat it because I like you, but let’s try other things next time.'”

“Love Recall” is a reality TV show for people who can’t sleep because of regret and attachment to their ex-lovers.

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