SGBOYZ, a rookie group with Jay Park and LOCO, debuts today!

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Rookie group SGBOYZ is making their debut.

Today (28th), they will release their debut single “I’m Curious (Prod. GRAY)” and make a full-scale entry into the music world.

SGBOYZ is a four-member hip-hop boy group consisting of main vocalist Donmills (real name: Hwang Dong-hyun), dancing machine Nucksal (real name: Lee Jun-yeong), variety genius Jay Park, and monster leader LOCO (real name: Kwon Hyuk-woo).

Prior to this, Donmills and Nucksal signed a one-day contract with AOMG through dingo’s original program “Nuckmills in the Land of Concern” and proposed to Jay Park to release their sound source. This led to the three of them forming SGBOYZ and scouting LOCO as an additional member.

Their debut song, “I’m Curious,” is their sweet and gentle serenade to target women’s hearts, with impressive lyrics that include four men’s concerns, and AOMG’s hit songwriter GRAY participated in the production work.

Before their debut, SGBOYZ received advice on music programs and activities from their senior group, MADMONSTER, which stimulated their curiosity as they were perfectly prepared for their full-fledged activities in the entertainment industry.

They are also scheduled to appear on the cable channel Mnet’s “M COUNTDOWN” on June 3, where they will perform their debut song “I’m Curious” on stage for the first time. In addition to this, they will communicate with their fans through various programs and YouTube contents.

Their debut song “I’m Curious” was released at 6 p.m. today.

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