Shin Dong-yup & Kim Jun-hyun & Lee Hae-sung to MC in new variety show “A little inconvenience is okay”

Photo = tvN

TvN, which gives differentiated fun with unique content, shows off a new variety show on energy consumption. “A little inconvenience is okay” will broadcast in South Korea on December 13th at 10:50 pm.

tvN “A little inconvenience is okay” (directed by Song Chang-woo, Angjemin, duology) is a program where you can experience eco-life while using limited energy for 2 days and 1 night in an environmentally friendly house. As you can see from the title, the performers are a little inconvenient, but for the sake of the earth, they will challenge “smart earth life” in an environment-friendly house.

Another special thing about the show is that it creates a studio with computer graphics. It is expected that the Arctic glacier will be embodied in computer graphics so that viewers can realize that the incident that occurs in the eco-house will immediately affect the studio. There is growing interest in what a studio will look like as a “virtual production” based on virtual reality and augmented reality.

In particular, Korean MC Shin Dong-yup, will appear with Kim Jun-hyun, who is proud of his talk skills, and former announcer Lee Hae-sung will act as MCs. The three will give a realistic picture of the status of the eco-house in the studio. Sometimes it is interesting, and sometimes it is expected to deliver fun with a solid moderator.

In addition, other stars who will experience eco-life at the eco-house are Kang Nam and Lee Sang-hwa, who are living a sweet newlywed life, and their best friends Kim Dong-hyun and Hwang Chi-yeul will be on the same team. In addition, with Jo Se-ho as the center, his best friend Nam Chang-hee and his younger brother (?) Lee Jin-ho and Yang Se-chan will be another team. They spend one night and two days in an eco-house with limited water and electricity. It is expected that the special challenges of the two teams will please the viewers for “smart earth life”.

Producer Song Chang-woo, who was in charge of the program’s production, said, “‘It’s okay if it’s a little inconvenient’

He continued, “I will do my best to give the viewers real fun. Please look forward to it.”

Reporter: Park Pansuk

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