Shin Ha-kyun starring, new drama “Monster”

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Photo = JTBC “Monster” special preview video capture

Shin Ha Kyun’s meaningful warning boosts heart rate.

JTBC’s new gold-soil drama “Monster” (Director: Sim Nayoung, Screenplay: Kim Su-jin, Production: Celltrion Entertainment, JTBC Studio), which will be aired for the first time on February 19 in South Korea, will be on January 22 with a high level of psychology. Shin Ha-kyun’s special preview video.

The psychological pursuit thriller “Monster” tells the story of two monster-like men unfolding in Manyan. Asking questions, “Who is the monster! Are you, me, or us?” it follows the multifaceted nature of the human being hidden behind the incident. With director Sim Nayeon, who shot detailed productions such “At Eighteen” and “Midsummer Memories,” and “Mad Dog-In Search of Lost Love-” with precise and solid writing power. The well-received screenwriter Kim Soo-jin teams up to improve their degree of perfection.

Lee Dong-sik pursues the truth while going back and forth between cold obsession and madness. Monster will be premiere in Korea on February 19th at 11:00 pm.

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