Shin Sung-rok first updates on social media since being infected with the coronavirus…

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Photo=Shin Sung-rok’s Instagram

Shin Sung-rok updated his social media for the first time since he was infected with the coronavirus.

On the 10th, he posted a photo with an emoji on his Instagram.

In the photo, he was wearing a suit and boasting his charisma, but he did not leave any comments other than the emoji.

On April 23, Shin Sung-rok was classified as a close contact when he found out that his co-star in the musical “Dracula,” Song Joon-ho, had been infected with the coronavirus. He had tested negative in the PCR test and had been placed under voluntary quarantine, following the instructions of the quarantine authorities, regardless of the test results. However, during the voluntary quarantine, he felt that his health condition was not good, so he voluntarily underwent another test and tested positive on April 28.

He hadn’t shared any updates after he tested positive, but today, he posted a photo on Instagram to the delight of his fans.

Among the actors in the musical “Dracula,” Song Joon-ho and Shin Sung-rok, as well as Jung Dong-seok and Kang Tae-wool, tested positive for PCR

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