“Shin Ye-eun: ‘Because of Little Park Yeon-jin’, I was hated on, but now I’m aiming for love'”

Actress Shin Ye-eun, the main character of the new SBS drama “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency,” strikes a pose at an online production presentation held on the 15th. Photo courtesy of SBS.

“I want to experience love once!”

Is she the embodiment of a villain’s woes? Actress Shin Ye-eun (25) is receiving global criticism for her portrayal of Park Yeon-jin (Lim Ji-yeon), a high school bully in the recently released part 2 of the Netflix original series “The Glory.” Her performance, which features a smiling face as she supports her classmate, Moon Dong-eun (Jung Ji-so), with a “hot iron,” has left viewers appalled.

Despite being called “Little Park Yeon-jin” and enjoying the peak of her career since her debut in 2018, she has not settled for this and is transforming her image. In the new SBS drama “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency,” which premieres on the 20th, she showcases her lively charm. Shin Ye-eun said at an online production presentation on the 15th, “I am pleased to be able to challenge myself in a historical drama that I have been longing for.” ●”The most realistic character.”

She plays Yun Dan-oh, a nobleman who runs a guesthouse to support his family after his father’s death and struggles to make ends meet in a drama set in the Joseon Dynasty. She received the script for the first time last spring and revealed that she had told the production team that she would like to play the character.

“Yun Dan-oh is a character who receives a lot of love in the drama, and I think he will receive a lot of love from viewers as well. That’s why I started with the thought of ‘Ah, I want to experience love once too!’ He has a strong independent spirit and can adapt well anywhere, which is attractive. He is also similar to real life.”

She also depicts romantic scenes with boarders such as Ryu Woon, a good-looking student preparing for the national exams, Jeong Geon-joo, the only daughter of a family with a good background, who has a strong personality, and Kang Hoon, a playful wanderer. Shin Ye-eun said, “I don’t know how happy I am just receiving love in this drama,” shaking her head.

“Each character has a different ‘heart-fluttering’ point. Kang Hoon is charming because he smiles so beautifully and makes the other person feel comfortable. Ryu Woon’s voice is so cool, and he may seem cold, but he has a warm touch. I even let out an ‘Oh, cool!’ during the martial arts scenes. Geon-joo is always steady, making him the best husband material. If I were Dan-oh, I would date Kang Hoon and marry Geon-joo. Haha!” ●”My first historical drama…”

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