SHINee Key’s loving message to Taemin on the verge of enlistment: “I really care about you.”

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Photo=Key Instagram

SHINee’s Key revealed his feelings for Taemin.

On the 25th, Key said through his Instagram, “My brother, I really care about you with love. Whether you work a lot or a little, I want you to be happy and healthy! he wrote, and posted several photos.

In the released photos, Key is posing with his member Taemin , showing off his perfect proportions with his great height and small face.

Fans were also touched by the friendship between the members who have been together for a long time. Fans who saw the post responded, “We really care and love you guys too,” and “Let’s always be cheerful and walk only the happy road.”

Recently, Taemin announced through NAVER’s live video streaming app, V LIVE, that he will be enlisting on May 31.

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